My motivation

Being creative; that is a motivation for me to make art. Inspiration comes alternately from nature, from a rich fantasy, from art history, from contemporary art or, for example out of a predilection for decay or structures.

My message

Don’t take life too seriously. That to me is the underlying message in my work. The unusual may become ordinary. I see the process of making art as a living organ of inspiration, evolution and experiences. It may be free, without fixed limits. As a maker I don’t feel the urge to be able to describe each piece of work. Be free to feel what you feel. Like love can be inexplicable, art can be too.

My battle

Thanks to my art I can express thoughts, fantasies and the world around me.. Art is an inexhaustible flow from within. Art is not made for a audience, but for the sometimes inexplicable urge from within. Creating art can also be full of struggle and doubt.

My inspiration

My inspiration is fed by artists like Jackson Pollock, Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Giacometti, Anselm Kiefer and Gerhard Richter. Abstract art is my favorite. By the way, I blame that especially on the lack of patience and talent for realism.